Dagnoy is Israel’s leading koi & ornamental fish marketing, distribution and breeding company. It was established 25 years ago, with office and breeding facilities on the western side of the Jordan river.

We specialize in Koi, Goldfish and Fantails and a wide range of tropical fish. Our exlusive marketing  partners include Israel’s top biosecure koi  and tropical fish hatcheries. This allow us to offer you a large and varied selection of Israel’s prime ornamental fish produce.

Famous for its high quality and top grade fish, DagNoys’ fish  have consistantly won  first places in  fish competitions around the world in  the last 10 years.

DagNoy has extensive experience in all aspects of fish breeding & health including disease control, genetic improvements and more.  Having a hatchery on our doorstep means we can supply top quality fish at very attractive prices, on a very short notice.

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Our Partners

Beauty fish – high quality biosecure koi.

Beauty Fish farms is Israel’s top Special Bio Secure (SBS) Koi fish breeder. The farm implements the most advanced technologies for growing Koi in  closed systems. Beauty Fish specializes in qualitative breeding of all types of Koi in size ranges 5-8cm to 60-70cm.

We are located In Givaat Hen, near Tel Aviv and close to Israel’s international Airport.

We emphasize total compliance with  BIO SECURE and KHV FREE standards, both for our breeding and export flocks. Our fish is tended by a professional and experienced team, with close biological and health monitoring. 

All exported fish are certified both by Israel’s Veterinary Authority and CEFAS, ensuring the health and high quality of each fish leaving our facility.


Dagnoy Ornamental Fish

Kfar Ruppin – Israel

Main Office: + 972-4-6068389/195
Fax: + 972-4-6068125

Eytan  – Mobile: + 972-50-2134222
E-mail: eytanh@kfar-ruppin.org.il

Dominik – Mobile: +972-50-5393776
E-mail: dagnoy@kfar-ruppin.org.il

Address: Kibbutz Kfar Ruppin
Emek Hamayanot  10850, Israel